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Shuntian Equipment is a leading manufacturer fuel cell components production line,diffusion welding equipment,thermoforming machine,superplastic forming machine,hot isostatic press,liquid forming press,high-pressure gas forming machine,vacuum high temperature hot press,serial servo hot pressing forming machine and hydraulic press.


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New Energy Field

We are experts in hydrogen fuel cell stack assembly solution , PEM hydrogen-generating solution,MEA hot forming press solution and served for many hydrogen projects worldwide!

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Aerospace Field

We are experts in aerospace which supply series of solutions such as Composite Materials Press,Hot Isostatic Press,Titanium & Aluminum Alloy press.These are all leading high-tech precise solutions.

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General Industries

We are also experts in general industries such as 5G detecting,high-speed train,automotive,telecommunications and so forth which can provide excellent ability to the related manufacturing demands.

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Our Prodcuts

We are one of the leading manufacturers of customized servo hydraulic solutions in new energy industry,aerospace industry and general industry such as fuel cell stack assembly line,composite materials hot servo press,hot isostatic press,general hydraulic press and so on.We provide high quality equipments with competitive price .

Advanced Fuel Cell MEA Servo Electric Press - Precision Hot Forming Technology

Introducing the future of fuel cell manufacturing: our Advanced MEA Servo Electric Hot Forming Press. Designed for precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Fuel Cell MEA Servo-electric hot press former

The MEA Servo-electric hot forming press use high temperatures to help form the workpiece so that require less capacity to form the product.

All-Vanadium Flow Battery Stack Assembly Servo Hydraulic Press

Typical applications of this type of hydraulic press include: mainly used for PEM electrolyzer stack assembly and batch production of gas tight electrical measurement.

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