Air Tightness Detection Servo Press

Item No.: 00096
Description Equipment features Parameters Review
The equipment is mainly used for gas tightness detection of fuel cellmembrane electrodes and bipolar plates. Each equipmentisequipped with two water pressure and air pressure sealing detectiondevices to eliminate the non-conforming products before stackassembly and avoid serious consequences after stack assembly.
This equipment is a special fuel cell stack assembly hydraulic pressdesigned and manufactured according to the requirements of users.Mainly used for: hydrogen energy fuel cell stack assembly and energystorage battery stack assembly, the equipment is suitable for massproduction equipment, can match the production line and manipula.tor, reduce the intensity of personnel operation, easy to match amobile car, easy to operate.
Equipment features
1, the up and down worktable has strong lifting synchronizationand high precision.
2, Equipped with a mobile worktable and a mobile lifting trolley sothat the stack can be transferred and tested at any time.3, the upper and lower platforms are rustproof, which is helpful toprolong the life of the equipment.
4, the equipment is equipped with two-way fixed distance andfixed pressure function, which can be selected effectively and conveniently.
5, using man-machine interface and manual automatic control, allprocess parameters are recorded for a long time.6, The worktable is equipped with a uniform side pressure devicewhich can monitor the plane stress state of the stack in real time.7, Bi-directional piezoelectric stack is the only choice for reason-able assembly, and it is also the most reasonable use effect.

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