Cell Stack Assembly Servo Press

Item No.: 00095
Description Parameters Review
The device has the following advantages:
The pressing of the left and right head is stable, and the accuracy of parallelism and flatness is high.It has the function of storage and step less speed regulation in the process of process formula parameters.The servo lifting platform has the advantages of stable and reliable lifting, accurate tilt lifting angle, reliable lockingsafety and strong stability, double-action piezoelectric stack using electric cylinder, high precision positioning,stable movement, uniform and reliable force.convenient operation and stable pertormanceThe equipment is designed in accordance with the corresponding international standards or industry standards.the structure has enough static, dynamic, thermal rigidity and precision, safety and environmental protectionmeet the national standards.The control system is advanced, the system components have high precision, good reliability, strong anti-inter-ference ability and fast response speed of the servo system.The operation and maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient, and the after-sales service isexcellent.

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