Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Servo Press

Item No.: 00132
Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Servo Presses is used for assembling and gas tightness detection which is designed as a special equipment; mostly is used on assembling hydrogen fuel cell stack.
Description Review

We have over 30 years’ experience, and combined with the technique in assembling hydrogen fuel cell, and use especially designed tools, cover the whole mass production of bipolar plate、membrane electrode、end plate、double electrodes、Gas tightness detection.

Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Servo Presses is composed by pressure from top and below electric cylinders

1. The equipment use four column structure of the servo motor that drives ball screw, the process shows on Intelligent display or Industrial Personal Computer.

2. Real-time monitor and stored about the Press-fit curve, achieving zero error capacities.

3. High precision of the displacement and pressure; repeatability can reach to 0.01.

4. Available to set multiple assembly pressing system, realizing one equipment multi-uses 

5. Energy saving rate is more than 99%, conform to the environmental standards, safety, and satisfy the requirement of the dust-free workshop.

6. The equipment operational procedure : fast forward、detect、press fitting、buffering、pressure maintaining、backtracking.


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