High temperature servo thermoforming press for composite materials

Item No.: 00156
We have over 30 years experiences on study and design the technique of the High temperature servo thermoforming press for composite materials.
Description Parameters Review
  Composite material products hot press molding machine is used for SMC, EMC, GMT, LFT-D and other thermosetting, thermoplastic composites molding, hot press is mainly used in aerospace, automotive machinery, satellite communications, consumer electronics and other fields for composite materials compression molding and special materials pressing.
  Also used for composite materials compression molding (fiber, carbon fiber, GRP/CRP combination, etc.) and special materials compression, composite materials special hot press temperature control accuracy (hot plate no load, constant temperature section 15min, online control, TP real-time display), pressure control accuracy of +/-0.1bar, thermocouples maximum working temperature of 600 ° C degrees Celsius.
  The system supports process control parameters: such as temperature, pressure and lamination time. Vacuum and other multi-point settings to meet the temperature curve of different products, pressure curve settings and continuous operation, multi-layer vacuum hot press system is a subsystem consisting of a number of space freely placed, which has a oil-hydraulic power system, electrothermal temperature control system and heating, cooling system, electronic control unit, can be freely according to the site needs layout, a reasonable layout of the production line.
  Optional accessories such as feeding trolley, automatic feeding and unloading device and temporary storage system can effectively cooperate with the material rack transfer system to realize automatic operation.
  The heating system can be selected according to the requirements of the processed products to meet the different types of temperature control to meet the process requirements, computer-aided design and simulation of the heating plate combined with highly sensitive proportional-integral temperature control system can make the system to obtain more accurate temperature control control and improve the temperature uniformity of different areas of the hot plate.

Parameters Unit TSPB 100T TSPB 300T TSPB 500T TSPB 600T
Total pressure KN 4000 5000 10000 20000
Liquid max working pressure Mpa 25 25 25 25
Rated operating pressure Mpa 20 20 20 20
Distance between upper and lower working table mm 400 500 600 700
Main cylinder max stroke mm 400 500 600 700
Hot plate effective size mm 600×2000 800×2000 1000×2000 1500×2500
Closing and opening mould speeds                             Fast upward mm/s 1-60(configurable)
                                                                                     Slow upward mm/s 0.1-3(configurable)
                                                                                     Slow down mm/s 1-30(configurable)
                                                                                      Fast down mm/s 1-60(configurable)
Pressure control accuracy Mpa ±1%
Hot plate max working temperature ºC 250/600
Heating rate(controlled) ºC/min 1-4
Pressure stairs 24
Temperature stairs 24
Time stairs 24
Temperature display control accuracy ºC ±1
Temperature tolerance of hot plate plane ºC ±3
Hot plate partition heating 3 6 6 9
Moving work table travel mm 1000 1000 1200 1600
Motor power(approximately) KW 7.5 11 15 22
Heating power KW 30 40 40 60

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