What's the price of the product?

The price is based on the size,specification and accessories.You can provide us the detailed information and specific requires then we will make the model selection for you and give you the formal offer.

What's the delivery time?

Three to six months. Our products are start produce after the order, we need three to six months to research and development, production and debugging that ensure the quality of our product before delivery to the customer.

What quality can I expect from Shuntian machinery?

We regards the product's quality as the most important duty.


Do you provide customized solutions?

Yes. All our solutions are tailored according to the preferences of the customers.


Do you manufacture products?

Yes. We are manufacture company.


How install the machine?

We will send technician overseas installing and training for our customer.


What does Shuntian company offer? 

Our main business id including New energy Fuel Cell/ Hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis/ All-vanadium flow battery/ Graphite bipolar plates/ Metal bipolar plates/ production Line.

Our best sell products are Hot Servo Forming Press, Vacuum Hot Servo Forming Press/ Servo-Electric Press/ Hot Forming Machine/ superplastic forming (SPF) presses/ Hydraulic Press, ect.