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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
Our company has 20 years of equipment manufacturing experience in the fuel cell industry. According to the development needs, the company has production bases in Dalian and Guangzhou. Dalian is dominated by the production and manufacturing of large and medium-sized equipment, and Guangzhou is dominated by precision small equipment.
Shuntian Equipment Manufacturing inherits the accumulation of years of experience and technology precipitation of Tieneng machine tool, creating a unique new model of development of the enterprise.
The team has a fuel cell production line/diffusion welding equipment/hot forming machine/superplastic molding machine/hot isostatic press/liquid forming/high pressure gas forming/high temperature/vacuum high temperature hot pressing machine/series hot pressing machine/hydraulic press and other equipment research and development, production, sales and service as one of the ability and dedicated team.
The company in technology research and development and product quality has always been in line with international standards, in the domestic industry in a leading position. The company always adhere to the "customer first, quality first, integrity and pragmatic" spirit of enterprise, enthusiasm, thoughtful service to every customer. Company design technology, automation control technology, mechanical and electrical integration technology, servo control technology, large and large parts processing and manufacturing technology, intelligent complete equipment solutions and installation and commissioning technology to reach the domestic leading level.
In accordance with the national requirements of "developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry", we will actively promote independent innovation, constantly improve the level of technology, and keep pace with the development of new international technologies. At the same time, relying on technology and brand advantages, actively expand the international market, to implement a series of international level of key projects as an opportunity to comprehensively improve product technology, quality and management level, to make due contributions to the implementation of the national strategy of manufacturing power.
Products belong to fuel cell industry reactor production and membrane electrode production of special equipment. Technical level of domestic first-class products.
"Welcome friends from all over the world, sincerely welcome friends from everywhere, and seek a road to development and create a better future together". All staff of Shuntian Equipment look forward to your visit and guidance!
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