PEM Electrolyzer/ Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Cell Stack Assembly Servo Hydraulic Press

Item No.: 00104
We have over 30 years experiences on study and design the technique of the PEM Electrolyzer/ Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Cell Stack Assembly.
Description Parameters Review
1. The equipment adopts three beams and four columns or combined frame structure, which is displayed by computer monitor
2. Real-time pressure curve display and storage function, to achieve 0% NG products.
3. High precision displacement and force, repeatability up to 0.01mm.
4. It can set 100 sets of press-mounting programs to achieve multi-purpose of one machine.
5. It has the function of turning the pile 90 degrees.
6. The device has independent piezoelectric disc spring function.
Parameters UNIT SPEM 40/60T SPEM 40/100T SPEM 50/200T SPEM 70/315T
Nominal pressure KN 600 1000 2000 3150
Compression spring force KN 400 400 500 700
Reactor size                                           Length mm 400-700 500-800 600-800 700-1500
                                                                Width mm 400-700 500-800 600-800 700-1500
                                                               Height mm 400-1000 400-1200 400-1200 500-1500
Maximum stroke mm 900(configurable) 1500
Maximum opening mm 1300(configurable) 1750
Upper head size                                     L&R mm 350(configurable)  
                                                               F&B mm 350(configurable)  
Compression spring size                        L&R mm 400(configurable)  
                                                               F&B mm 700(configurable)  
Effective size of workbench                    L&R mm 1300(configurable) 2200
                                                                F&B mm 1000(configurable) 1600
Parallelism mm ±0.02 ±0.03
Flatness mm ±0.02  
Moving distance of mobile station mm 10000-20000
Stroke control accuracy mm 0.05
Pressure control accuracy mm ±0.01
Display accuracy mm ±0.001
Boundary dimensions of stack products mm 1500(Length)*1000(Width)*2000(Height)
Total number of stacked pieces   800
Air tight detection presssure Mpa <5
Airtight flow detection flow  ML 10-1000
Gas flow resolution ML/min ±0.1
Ultrasonic cleaning size mm 400-1500(configurable)
Manipulator stacking height mm 100-2000(configurable)
Manipulator stacking speed S/piece 5
Stack accuracy mm ±0.1

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