PEM Electrolyzer MEA Servo Hot Press Production Line

Item No.: 00105
Description Parameters Review
Production line flow chart:
Parameters UNIT SMEA 10T SMEA 50T SMEA 200T SMEA 300T
 Nominal force KN 100 500 2000 3000
Size of membrane electrode                                      Length mm 400 500 800 1000
                                                                                    Width mm 400 500 800 1300
Maximum stroke mm 300(Customized
 Maximum opening mm 300(Customized
Maximum vacuum degree Mpa -0.098
Effective size of hot plate                                             F-B mm 400-1300
                                                                                     L-R mm 400-1600
Maximum temperature ºC 250
Parallelism mm ±0.02
Flatness mm ±0.02
Stroke control accuracy mm 0.05
Glue size mm (500*500)-(800*1600)
Conveying size mm  
Transfer size mm Customized
Raw material cutting mm  
Size of membrane electrode mm  
Cold qualitative dimension mm  
Cutting sizes mm  
Air tight inspection size mm  
Dimension of injection seal ring  mm Customized
Air tight flow detection pressure  Mpa <0.4
Air tight flow detection flow ML 10
Conveying beat  Piece/minute 2-3
Manipulator stacking height mm 100-300(Customized)
Manipulator stacking speed  piece/s 5
Form and position tolerance of membrane electrode mm ±0.1

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