Stack Assembly Servo Pivot Press

Item No.: 00142
Description Equipment features Review

1. Indenter and platen up and down smoothly and has excellent synchronization

2. Stable and high Press Accuracy of parallelism and flatness.

3. The function of storing process and formulation

4. Function of continuously variable

5. The upper and lower plates’ clamping function is driven by servo motor, high precision positioning, stable movement, with the advantages of uniform and reliable force.

6. The advantages of easy operation and stable performance.

7. The equipment is designed in accordance with the corresponding international standards or industry standards, and the structure of the equipment has sufficient static, dynamic, thermal rigidity and precision, and the safety and environmental protection meet the national standards. . Advanced control system, high precision system components, good reliability, anti-interference ability, servo system response speed; Equipment operation, maintenance is simple and convenient, excellent after-sales service.

Process Flow Diagram

Equipment features

1. Power supply conditions: 380V (AC), 50Hz; Operating temperature: normal temperature; No condensation; Working humidity: less than 80%, the durability of the instrument operation: the instrument can be in 24 hours continuous working state. 

2. The main machine use frame structure, the indenter and platen all made by QT500-7 ductile cast iron. After casting, it is annealed at high temperature and cooled with the furnace to completely eliminate the internal stress, and the blank is polished without other foreign matter on the surface, and then processed by shot blasting. It has good strength and rigidity, ensuring that the overall body appearance is flat and beautiful, high precision and good rigidity. It is processed by high-precision machine tool equipment, so that the shape and position tolerance of the work table is guaranteed, and the stable performance can be used for a long time.

3. The guide rod material is made of S45C high-quality carbon steel, and the forgings are normalized and fine-machined by flaw detection inspection, with good strength and uniform deformation. The four columns are finished by high-precision lathes, and formed by heat treatment, fine grinding, chrome plating, fine grinding and other processes, and the four columns are preloaded by nuts to form a closed rigid frame. The locking mother material is made of S45C forged steel, and the lock mother is processed by heat treatment, finishing, blackening and anti-rust treatment.

4. The equipment is a double-action servo electric cylinder device, according to the requirements of costumer, the user can choose the double-pressure head electric cylinder synchronous pressing work, can also choose the single-pressure head single-action pressing work, the operation of the indenter can be divided into manual / automatic device, automatic operation according to the set program to run, to ensure the operation of high-precision positioning and precise pressure control operation when the double pressure head is running.


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