Composite high temperature hot/cold press production line

Item No.: 00157
The production line is mainly suitable for a variety of powder or fiber composite products cooled after high temperature.
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  The production line is suitable for batch of phenolic or composite materials after forming at high temperature and entering the cooling line for feeding-flattening-mold conveying-high temperature hot pressing-thermoforming mold conveying-cold pressing-finished product conveying-raw material ejection-feeding and other repeated cycle forming production lines.
  Modularized combination, adjustable according to different processes.

  Scope of application : composite material board, metal insulation layer, graphite board such as nuclear radiation shielding material, nuclear power shielding layer, aluminum honeycomb composite board, air-conditioning foam board, aluminum honeycomb sound insulation board, plywood, composite board, building materials insulation board, honeycomb curtain wall panels, wooden doors, stainless steel doors, copper doors, aluminum doors, panel furniture, paper honeycomb composite board, various metal composite boards, wood composite boards, rock wool composite boards, decorative panels veneer, aluminum composite boards, bent wood forming, pattern forming, aluminum-plastic composite boards, bent wood forming, pattern forming. Composite board, bent wood molding, pattern heat transfer, solid wood door frame, cabinet door frame, photo frame, mirror frame and other frame combination assembly and other different products industry, cold press, hot press, table size specifications and tonnage pressure can be customized according to your actual needs.
  Servo hot press adopts servo system control, high precision, stable pressure, high efficiency, high yield,  flexible pressure, fast vacuum, slow multi-stage pressure, multi-stage heating. It has the characteristics of multi-stage pressure and multi-stage stroke, and is especially suitable for scenarios where the process needs to be adjusted at any time. Among them, multi-stage pressure and multi-stage stroke, that is, according to the product process requirements, multi-stage pressure and stroke can be freely set, and the number and sequence of stroke and pressure can be adjusted at any time.
Flow chart

Parameters UNIT TSPA-200T TSPA-350T TSPA-500T TSPA-4600T
Mold closing force of servo hot press KN 2000 3500 5000 46000
Servo cold press clamping force KN 2000 3500 5000 46000
Effective dimensions of hot     L plate of servo hot press molding machine                                  W mm 500 600 700 4000
mm 500 600 700 1600
Dimension of cooling plate of L servo cold press molding machine                                 W mm 500 600 700 4000
mm 500 600 700 1600
Maximum stroke mm 100-300 600
Maximum opening mm 100-300 800
Parallelism mm ±0.02 ±0.05
Flatness mm ±0.02
Travel of feeding trolley  m Customized
Stroke control accuracy mm ±0.05
Pressure control accuracy Mpa 1%
Forming materials Powder molding flake
Working temperature 100-500
Cooling temperature 10-25
Die size Customized
Heating element Electric heating/Oil heating

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