Flow battery stack assembly servo hydraulic press

Item No.: 00163
We have over 30 years experiences on study and design the technique of the flow battery stack assembly servo hydraulic press.
Description Parameters Review
1. The equipment adopts four-column structure servo motor driven ball screw movement, smart display or IPC for display.
2. Real-time press fitting curve display and storage function, realizing 0% of NG products.
3. High precision displacement and pressure,the repetition accuracy can reach 0.01 mm.
4. Multiple sets of press-fitting programs can be set to realize multi-purpose use of one machine.
5. Energy-saving effect of more than 99%, and more environmental protection, safe, can meet the requirements of the use of equipment in the clean room.
6. The running way of the equipment is as follows: fast forward, detection, press fitting, buffer, pressure preservation and return.
Parameters UNIT SPEM 40/60T SPEM 40/100T SPEM 50/200T SPEM 70/315T
Nominal pressure KN 600 1000 2000 3150
Compression spring force KN 400 400 500 700
Reactor size                                           Length mm 400-700 500-800 600-800 700-1500
                                                                Width mm 400-700 500-800 600-800 700-1500
                                                               Height mm 400-1000 400-1200 400-1200 500-1500
Maximum stroke mm 900(configurable) 1500
Maximum opening mm 1300(configurable) 1750
Upper head size                                     L&R mm 350(configurable)  
                                                               F&B mm 350(configurable)  
Compression spring size                        L&R mm 400(configurable)  
                                                               F&B mm 700(configurable)  
Effective size of workbench                    L&R mm 1300(configurable) 2200
                                                                F&B mm 1000(configurable) 1600
Parallelism mm ±0.02 ±0.03
Flatness mm ±0.02  
Moving distance of mobile station mm 10000-20000
Stroke control accuracy mm 0.05
Pressure control accuracy mm ±0.01
Display accuracy mm ±0.001
Boundary dimensions of stack products mm 1500(Length)*1000(Width)*2000(Height)
Total number of stacked pieces   800

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