Large-scale MEA Hot-press/Thermal Transfer Servo Forming Press

Item No.: 00146
The equipment has high precision, accurate temperature control, strong temperature uniformity, and has the advantage of 30 % energy saving, which has been supported by customers.
Description Flow Chart of Production Line Parameters Review
  The equipment is mainly used for MEA fuel cell / PEM electrolysis hydrogen production membrane electrode thermal composite, thermal transfer printing, carbon, proton exchange membrane molding, and highly suitable for a variety of powder or fiber after high temperature cooling of composite products, carbon fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, SMC and other molding pressing process, meet the requirements of the pressing process. The temperature, curing time, pressure and speed of the equipment are in line with the process characteristics of SMC / BMC material. PLC control, servo motor, easy operation, adjustable working parameters ; the equipment can be optionally equipped with in-mold core-pulling control system and preset in-mold ejection control system, which can realize a series of actions such as rapid downward, segmentation and pressing, segmented deflation, working, pressure holding, slow mold opening, rapid return, slow demoulding, rapid ejection, ejection stay, rapid return and temperature can be controlled at multiple points. 

  Hot press molding machine adopts servo system control, high precision, stable pressure, high efficiency, high yield, high yield, flexible pressure, fast vacuum, slow multi-stage pressure, multi-stage heating. It has the characteristics of multi-stage pressure and multi-stage stroke, and is especially suitable for scenarios where the process needs to be adjusted at any time.Among them, multi-stage pressure and multi-stage stroke, that is, according to the product process requirements, multi-stage pressure and stroke can be freely set, and the number and order of stroke and pressure can be adjusted at any time. 

Flow Chart of Production Line
Parameters UNIT TSPA 200T TSPA 300T TSPA 500T TSPA 1000T
Clamping force KN 2000 3500 5000 10000
Effecive dimensions of hot plate of servo hot press molding machine             Length mm 800 800 1300 1400
                                                                                                                           Width mm 800 1300 1300 1400
Maximum stroke mm 100-400
Maximum opening  mm 100-400
Parallelism mm ±0.02-0.04
Flatness mm ±0.02
Stroke control accuracy mm ±0.05
Pressure control accuracy Mpa 1%
Guard door travel mm 600
Working temperature ºC 0-250/0-500
Cooling temperature ºC 0-25
Operating height   800-1200
Heating element   Electric heating/Oil heating

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