Precision Servo Hot Press for MEA Film Electrodes

Item No.: 00159
It is mainly used for the quasi-equipment of high-precision hot-pressing products, such as membraneelectrodes, composite materials, phenolic resin, high-precision molding products, using the characteristics of high stability and high efficiency.
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Unlock Precision Manufacturing

Our servo hot press revolutionizes MEA film electrode production, offering unmatched accuracy and consistency.

Advanced Servo Control Technology

Experience the future of manufacturing with our state-of-the-art servo control system, designed for optimal performance.

Durable and Efficient Design

Built to last and designed for efficiency, our hot press stands at the forefront of production technology.

MEA Production Line

The main features ofthe equipment are as follows.
1. The plane temperature control of the hot plate of the equipment is uniform and the temperaturecontrol is stable.
2. It has high parallelism and flatness accuracy and stable use.3. It has the functions of setting and controlling stage pressure, stage temperature and stage time.
4. It has the storage function of process parameters.
5. It has the functions of stepless speed regulation and stepless voltage regulation.
6. It has a heating power setting control function from 1-100%.
7. It has a safety protection device.
8. It has the advantages of convenient operation and stable performance.

Our advantage

Guangzhou Shuntian Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is distinguished by its extensive industry experience, focus on research and innovation, strong commitment to quality, broad range of services, and emphasis on customer satisfaction. These attributes solidify its reputation as a leading provider in its field.
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Over 20 years in manufacturing high-tech equipment across diverse industries including new energy and aerospace.
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What's the price of the product?

The price is based on the size,specification and accessories.You can provide us the detailed information and specific requires then we will make the model selection for you and give you the formal offer.

What's the delivery time?

Three to six months. Our products are start produce after the order, we need three to six months to research and development, production and debugging that ensure the quality of our product before delivery to the customer.

What quality can I expect from Shuntian machinery?

We regards the product's quality as the most important duty.


Do you provide customized solutions?

Yes. All our solutions are tailored according to the preferences of the customers.


Do you manufacture products?

Yes. We are manufacture company.


How install the machine?

We will send technician overseas installing and training for our customer.


What does Shuntian company offer? 

Our main business id including New energy Fuel Cell/ Hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis/ All-vanadium flow battery/ Graphite bipolar plates/ Metal bipolar plates/ production Line.

Our best sell products are Hot Servo Forming Press, Vacuum Hot Servo Forming Press/ Servo-Electric Press/ Hot Forming Machine/ superplastic forming (SPF) presses/ Hydraulic Press, ect.

Maximum mold closing fprce KN 20 50 100 150 300 500 1000
Maximum force of servo cylinder KN 20 50 100 150
Rated maximum working pressure MPA 16 16 16
Maximum distance between the upper and lower table mm 250 250 300 300 300 350 350
Maximum stroke of main cylinder mm 250 250 300 300 300 350 350
Effective dimensions of worktable L mm 200 200 300 350 400 450 500
W mm 200 200 300 350 400 450 500
The speed of working table
(Can be setting)
Fast uplink mm/s 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60
Slow uplink mm/s 0.01-3
Fast downlink mm/s 0-60
Parallelism of upper and lower working table mm ±0.02
Flatness of working table mm ±0.015
Pressure control precision MPA ±0.1%                                ±1%
Max working temp of hot plate 250
Heating rate(Controllable) 1-6 (heating rate 1-100% arbitrary setting)
Pressure ladder Pcs 6
Temperature ladder Pcs 6
Time ladder Pcs 6
Temperature display control precision ±0.5
Temperature error of hot plate ±0.1
Equipment holding pressure drop MPA ≤1MPA/24hours
Motor power(approx) KW 3 3 3 3 5 5 5
Heating power KW 5 5 6 6 10 15 20
The distance between the lower hot plate to the ground mm ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤750

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