Metal bipolar plate servo liquid forming machine (Stainless steel bipolar plate production line)

Item No.: 00152
We have over 30 years experiences on study and design the technique of the Metal bipolar plate servo liquid forming machine (Stainless steel bipolar plate production line).
Description technical parameters Review
  The metal bipolar plate flexible forming machine includes a fluid pool and a deep drawing configuration.
Fluid unit plate hydro forming produces shallow parts with open corners, while stretch plate hydro forming is used
for higher parts with closed corners and can accommodate parts up to 15 inches.
  The process can create a series of simple or complex geometric shapes from a variety of materials, including
aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, niobium, chromium-nickel-iron, copper, composite materials, etc. flexible
sheet forming machines can replace many different metal forming processes, and these machines can also combine
multiple steps into one operation, and almost eliminate secondary processing such as manual finishing, annealing or
  Most of parts, including stretched parts, are completed in one cycle and no more extra finishing.

technical parameters
Unit TSPS-500 TSPS-600 TSPS-1200 TSPS-1200A TSPS-2000 TSPS-2500
Forming area mm Φ406 Φ609 609*1219 914*1219 914*1981 914*2438
Maximum working pressure bar 345 345 689 413 413 413
Distance between upper and lower working table mm 127 127 152 152 152 152
Cycle S <20 <20 <20 <20 <20 <20
Dimensions Length cm 309 360 665 665 815 914
Width mm 106 89 480 502 502 502
Height mm 228 223 256 259 279 279
Total system weight kg 8164 11,339 61,234 40,823 330,200 381,000
Motor power(about) KW 7.5 11 15 22 30 40

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